SocialBee Affiliate Program | An In-Depth Review

If you run a blog or website about digital marketing and you constantly write about tools, plugins, and anything else that might help your readers make the most out of their digital assets, becoming a SocialBee affiliate might be a good option. 

In today’s article, we’re looking at everything you should know about the program before deciding whether it’s a good fit for you or not. Read on to find out more!

SocialBee Affiliate Program Review

What is SocialBee?

If you have been on the Internet for a good number of years now, you probably know that there are a lot of tools that can be used to manage multiple social media accounts at the same time. 

With these tools, you can create, schedule, and make the most of your social media presence, especially if you are looking to grow it as much as possible. 

That’s kind of what SocialBee does. The platform can be utilized to manage several different pages and personal profiles, whether they be on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, or Pinterest. 

Some of the things that SocialBee can use range from planning their content as per their calendar to creating eye-catching posts using free tools (integrated in SocialBee) such as Canva, GIPHY, or Unsplash. 

The content recycling feature is another pretty nifty one that you can suggest to your followers, and the platform also makes it easy for users to customize their posts as per each platform in part. 


Finally, SocialBee can also be used for teamwork and collaboration, two features that you’re not likely to come across in a plethora of other social media platforms. With this one, customers can assign roles, leave feedback, and invite new people to the same workspace. 

What services can you recommend to your audience?

When it comes to the SocialBee pricing, there are two types of billing models currently used by the company — and that are very common with other brands, too. 

The yearly billing model is of course a lot more advantageous, but for the sake of easy reading, we will talk about the monthly billing one here. 

First of all, there is a 14-day free trial that you might want to know about. Prospective users don’t even have to fill out their credit or debit card details when they try the tool, which is a benefit for you — it makes it easier for you to recommend SocialBee to your audience, since your followers can try it without making a financial commitment. 

The first plan available, the Bootstrap, is now billed at $19 per month and it includes the management of up to five different social media accounts, one user per workspace, and a single workspace. 

The Accelerate plan costs $39 per month and it allows users to manage up to 10 social media profiles with the same one user and one workspace. 

Finally, the Pro is the priciest plan that SocialBee now has available. The price is $79 per month and it allows users to manage up to 25 social media accounts. This one allows for up to five different workspaces and three users per workspace.

There are several other differences when it comes to the plans. For example, with the most affordable one, you’re allowed a maximum of 1,000 posts per category whereas with the second and third one, that number is increased to 5,000. 

The analytics also differ from one plan to the next, in the sense that the Bootstrap has limited analytics, the Accelerate comes with full analytics, but without any data storage, and the Pro, which is designed for freelancers and agencies, allows for analytics data storage for up to 2 years. 

How to become a SocialBee affiliate

If you run a simple Google search for SocialBee’s social media affiliate program, you’ll come across the company’s official website page about it. One of the first things that we have to note about it is that it is managed through PartnerStack. 

This makes things a little easier for everyone involved – both the brand itself and the users. If you are a seasoned affiliate marketer, you might know that it can be a pain to have to go on dozens, if not hundreds of separate affiliate program pages and check your performance on a regular basis. 

In other words, if you are an affiliate for several programs that use PartnerStack, you can go to the same place time and again. 

When you join the program using this platform, you will be asked for some basic information such as your first and last name, your email, the country you are based in, your media property (website), your business name, the size of your following, and how you intend on promoting SocialBee services. 

We took a look at the terms and conditions document for you and we’d like to note that there are some restrictions that you need to abide by in order not to be booted out of the program. 

For example, you’re not allowed to refer to yourself, engage in fraud or spam, and you are also not allowed to include your affiliate link on any coupon websites. 

What’s interesting about the rules is that you aren’t allowed to use PPC (that’s not uncommon, since most brands ask for that, but the difference is that not only are you not allowed to use the company’s name in your ads, but also related keywords like social media management tools and others). 

How much can you earn as a SocialBee affiliate?

Since this is the main reason any marketer is going to check out an affiliate program in the first place, here’s what you should know.

As a SocialBee affiliate, you can make 20% out of whatever your referrals are spending on the website. 

Every plan that your audience purchases through your link will bring you this commission, but the best thing is that it’s a recurring one, which means that whether they opt for the monthly or yearly subscription model, you’ll make a bit of money every time they pay. 

If your referrals purchase Concierge Services, meaning they choose to use a SocialBee manager to handle their social media presence, you can make 10% off of that too (this is also a recurring rate). 

The cookie lasts for 90 days, so it is considerably better when compared to what other affiliate programs have to offer right now. 

What we would also like to add with respect to SocialBee’s program is that there are several different tiers available, even though the commission basically stays the same. 

When you join, you are considered a promoter. However, once you have referred more than $500 in revenue to the company, you can gain access to some extra perks, such as a free SocialBee account for a year, branded landing pages, along with coupon codes for your following. 

If your performance is stellar and you end up being vetted by the brand, you can negotiate an increase in recurring commission, co-marketing opportunities, as well as a white-label solution. You also get a SocialBee account for free not just for one year but for your lifetime. 

Payment methods and thresholds

Since SocialBee works with PartnerStack, you can expect to be paid through main methods – PayPal or Stripe. We would have liked a few extra ones, such as direct deposit or wire transfers, but having two instead of one is still better, since a lot of other programs now only use PayPal as a payment method. 

At the time we are writing this, we couldn’t find a specific threshold for when you can withdraw your money, but you can expect them to hit your account every single month. 

According to the brand’s own website, the rewards are paid out on the 13th of every month or in any case, around that time. 

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Pros and cons to the SocialBee affiliate program

When it comes to promoting any brand on any of your media properties, you need to read the fine print and make sure that your values align with the ones promoted by that company and that you can also earn a decent side income from your activity. 

In SocialBee’s case, it seems like the pros outweigh the cons, in the sense that the 20% recurring commission is a clear benefit, along with the 90-day cookie length. 

We would have liked a bit more versatility in terms of payment methods, but we’d say that all in all this program is still worth writing home about. 

Also, the fact that it works through a separate affiliate network like PartnerStack is an advantage in itself, since you’re not going to have to worry about checking your performance individually on the site and desperately trying to get in touch with an affiliate manager on there — everything is easily available on the affiliate platform. 

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SocialBee affiliate program alternatives

In case you feel like becoming a SocialBee affiliate doesn’t make sense for you at this time, perhaps you’d like to check out a SocialBee alternative – we have reviewed some of these programs before, so if you take the time to look at our previous posts, chances are that you can find out more details about them. 


This app has rebranded quite a lot through the years, but it’s still one of the easiest and most convenient ones to use if you have a lot of social media accounts to manage. 

As a Crowdfire affiliate, you can earn as much as $420 per referred customer — 35% recurring commissions for the first year. As is the case with the SocialBee program, this one is managed by PartnerStack. 


This Canadian company makes it quite easy for affiliates to earn decent money through the affiliate program. You get paid a 40% recurring commission over a period of 12 months, which is one of the highest rates that we have come across until now. 

In order to be able to access the program, though, you need to first create a SocialOoomph account — but don’t worry, there is a free version if you aren’t prepared to get a paid one right away. 


The TailWind alternative might be an even more lucrative one if you are heavily focused on increasing your side income. As a first-time affiliate, your rate will be a 15% recurring one, but once you hit the Gold tier, your commission will be increased to 20%. That happens once you have brought more than $2K sales to the business. 

There’s a third tier available, too, and it happens once you hit the $5K sale limit. After this, your rate will become 25% out of all of the orders placed through your affiliate link and all renewals for the duration of your referrals’ subscriptions. 

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Vista Social

This is a pretty decent affiliate program in that you can make pretty much the same commission as that of the SocialBee option, but there’s a catch — it is recurring only over a period of 12 months. 

Vista Social uses the platform First Promoter for the management of their affiliates. As is the case with PartnerStack, you will have to provide some basic information in order to be able to access the program. 


Signing up to the HootSuite program used to be a little easier, but these days they’ve adopted another strategy and they really separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to their partners. Still, if your social media following is large and they feel like you might be a good match for them, you’ll receive an invitation. 

The old-school program that HootSuite used to run allowed people to make up to 50% of the value of the first month’s payment. Whether it is going to be open to the public again anytime soon or not can be difficult to assess, but stay tuned in any case. 

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