Three suspected of killing sailing couple with RI ties facing charges in Grenada

An update on the couple with Rhode Island ties presumed dead after going missing while sailing off the coast of Grenada.

Authorities have confirmed three escaped prisoners are now in custody charged for the couple’s murder.

Friends of Ralph Hendry and Kathy Brandel hope impending justice will provide the necessary closure for those closest to the couple .

“Because Ralph and Kathy’s bodies have not been found, and it’s probably a good chance they’ll never be found,” explained Pete Sisson, a close friend of the couple. “It’ll be the only closure [their family] will be able to get.

Back in custody, currently being held at His Majesty’s Prison in Grenada, are Ron Mitchell, 30, Atiba Stanisclaus, 25, and old Trevon Robertson, 23.

The three made their first appearance in court this week.

Charged with capitol murder, including housebreaking, robbery, kidnapping and rape.

Officials believe the trio escaped from prison, hijacking the boat of Ralph and Kathy, killing the two in the process.

The new, gruesome details paint a horrific picture for those closest to the couple

“Not a night goes by that I don’t wake up and think about it,” agreed Tammy Sisson, another good friend. “It’s just really, really difficult.”

Rhode Island residents Tammy and Pete Sisson are avid sailors themselves.

Last embarking on a trip to Antigua with the duo in November, they say, those in the boating community always take precaution, researching safe areas to explore.

Ralph and Kathy were no exception.

“It just doesn’t happen, and we don’t think about that because we’re going to safe places,” Tammy added. “It’s heartbreaking because I feel like a sense of our security has been taken away.”

The couple had actually invited the two, to visit them on their Grenada voyage, but obligations back at home prevented them going.

Future trips together were already in the works.

“Oh yeah, we always planned to get together when we were around each other,” Tammy continued. “They came up to Newport every year and we always planned to get together. Yeah there were plans.”

The three suspects are expected to return to court on March 27 for trial.

In the meantime the Sisson’s say they hope to keep Ralph and Kathy’s memory alive.

“Loving, caring, generous, just wonder people. There wasn’t a person in the world who met them that wasn’t their friend. It’s a big loss, it leaves a hole in your heart.”

Pete and Tammy say moving forward, on their own trips, they’re going to take greater precautions, especially when traveling outside of the country.

Their friends had been traveling without a crew when their boat got hijacked.

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