Welwyn Garden City Sailing Club hold annual Christmas event

The Christmas Pudding race had a parade of Christmassy boats before the start and Christmas Puddings to be won once the racing had began.

And with dry weather and a good wind for the most part, the gusts keeping the helms on their toes, the event brought the usual high jinks and tough battling races.

Alan Campbell took control of the first race finishing a lap ahead of the rest of the fleet, the first outing littered by frequent capsizing.

One of those led to the retirement of Mike Caddy although his snowman attire did win him the prize for best costume.

Annette Walter managed to hold off Dave Lambert for second place with Angelo Hansen in fourth.

This set up an exciting pursuit race to decide the destination of the prizes.

Hansen stayed in touch with Annette Walter until the final minutes when he capsized giving up second place to Lambert.

He did manager to stay ahead of Alan Campbell though and this was good enough to win him a tin of chocolates as first junior.

The battle for the top prize, the puddings themselves, were taken by both Walter and Lambert.

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