Where to Sail: Croatia or Greece

It’s never easy to choose a sailing destination. Especially when you’re deciding between two such beautiful sailing countries. Both have a lot to offer and sailing either one would be an unforgettable experience for sure. We hope this text will help you decide on choosing Croatia vs Greece or perhaps considering sailing both

Croatia vs Greece

Both Croatia and Greece are famous for their good food and friendly people. So, to decide whether to sail in Croatia or to sail in Greece is definitely not a simple decision. So, the question remains: Croatia or Greece?

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Comparing Croatia yacht charter vs Greece yacht charter, in Croatia the yacht charter prices are sometimes higher than in Greece, especially during the high season, between July 1 and August 31. However, Croatia still has unspoiled spots that are still not so negatively impacted by mass tourism, and its islands are greener than the ones in Greece.

Croatia vs Greece

Croatia is widely considered one of the best yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean. The almost perfect combination of numerous islands, unspoiled nature, incredible vistas, and good sailing winds makes Croatia one of the most attractive sailing spots in the world.


The winds in Croatia tend to be tamer than in Greece. Most of the time there is the Mistral that never really goes over 20 knots. It is predictable and blows almost every day. However, the tricky wind is the Bora which can be rather dangerous and can make your sailing in Croatia adventurous, to say the least.
Greece, on the other hand, has more islands, amazing beaches and somewhat stronger winds.



Greece is also significantly more extensive than Croatia, and as such naturally, it offers a larger sailing area and thus requires a longer sailing vacation. But who wouldn’t like that, right? Each of up to 6000 Greek islands offers unique beauty and charm. Only 227 are inhabited and offer plenty to the modern sailing enthusiast. Everything from numerous marinas to lively entertainment. The best islands in Croatia are Krk, Šolta, Hvar and Brač but Croatia also has more than a thousand islands a lot less distant from one another and thus easier to sail to and from. The most popular Greek islands include Crete, Rhodes and Corfu. But you will find islands from both countries, Greece and Croatia, enlisted among the top ones not only in the Mediterranean but in the whole world.

The season for a yacht charter in Greece starts similarly to the season for a yacht charter in Croatia. It begins in March, and peaks in July and August. The only downside of this busiest yacht charter period in Greece are extremely high temperatures. In Croatia, during this period it may be a bit difficult to find a spot in a marina.

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If you’re comparing beaches in Greece vs the ones in Croatia you will have a tough time deciding where to go sailing. Both Greece and Croatia have extraordinary beaches that will take your breath away. Some of the most famous beaches in Croatia are Sakarun on Dugi Otok and Zlatni rat on the island Brač. The most famous beaches in Greece are Navagio on Zakynthos and Petani beach on Kefalonia island. In short, a route from Croatia to Greece is filled with stunning beaches and alluring turquoise waters.

Croatia vs Greece

So whether you decide to go sailing in Greece or Croatia, be prepared for tremendous beaches wherever you find yourself. Greece and Croatia are both famous for their crystal clear seas and mesmerizing sandy beaches. Hence, if you’re basing your decision of whether to go sailing in Greece or Croatia on their beaches, you’re in trouble.

How Far is Croatia from Greece?

How far is Croatia from Greece? In geographical terms not that far but in nautical terms very far. If you wanted to sail from Croatia to Greece you would need a couple of weeks and a skilful skipper. However, both Croatia Greece and Greece Croatia trips would be amazing. The temperatures in this part of the world are very generous during summertime. Also climate is very mild and the weather is more than welcoming. Even storms aren’t as bad as they can be in different parts of the world.

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So, maybe you don’t have to choose whether to go to Croatia or Greece. Maybe you can do both. Travel from Greece to Croatia with a sailboat would be quite an adventure, but it can be done. And travelling from Greece to Croatia or Croatia to Greece would be a lifelong memory for sure! Just imagine it, travelling from Greece to Croatia! Amazing! But, if your journey from Greece to Croatia needs to be as quick as possible, we recommend different means of transportation. However, not a single one can be compared to sailing Greece to Croatia!

Croatia vs Greece

Croatia or Greece for Holiday

Whatever you choose you can’t go wrong. That is the only correct answer. Although a trip to Croatia and Greece would be the best possible option, it is understandable that rarely anyone has enough time for a trip to Croatia and Greece during the same sailing vacation. So, sailing from Greece to Croatia is for most out of the question.

Thus let’s come back to our original thought. And that is, no matter whether you choose sailing Croatia or sailing Greece, you will spend an extraordinary holiday. Only time at your disposable might help you decide on one destination over the other. So don’t think about it too much. Just charter a yacht and go.

So, tell us in the comments below, are you going sailing to Croatia or Greece for your next holiday?

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