Who are the Below Deck Sailing Yacht chefs?

Adam Glick on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 1.
Adam helped launch Below Deck Sailing Yacht after his Below Deck Med stints. Pic credit: Bravo

Who are the Below Deck Sailing Yacht chefs? That question has become one hot topic thanks to a comment Colin MacRae made on the show.

Last night’s episode featured the crew’s day off, where the yachties got beyond messy, including Colin during his chat with chef Ileisha Dell.

Colin meant to give her a pep talk but instead basically told her she had big shoes to fill because of Season 3 chef Marcos Spaziani.

This resulted in Ileisha crying in the bathroom and fans buzzing about all the Below Deck Sailing Yacht chefs.

There have only been four seasons of the Below Deck Sailing Yacht, so not many chefs have graced the Parsifal III galley.

Let’s have a little refresher on Below Deck Sailing Yacht chefs.

Season 1 chef Adam Glick

Below Deck Med alum Adam Glick helped kick off the sailing show, proving some things never change in the franchise. Adam immediately hooked up with stew Jenna MacGillivray, causing boring drama that did not impress viewers.

They were too busy flirting to pay attention to their jobs. The boatmance also caused them to argue a lot, putting the rest of the crew in an awkward position.

Adam and Jenna left Parsifal III together, but things had fizzled out by the reunion. After two seasons on Below Deck Med and one on Below Deck Sailing Yacht declared at the reunion he was done with reality TV.

These days he’s focused on building his brand, Adventure Chef, which focuses on cooking outside.

Season 2 chef Natasha De Bourg

The second season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht brought a much-needed show revamp. Chef Natasha De Bourg took over the galley and was determined to do things her way.

Natasha will forever be remembered for Pita Gate and her several egg mishaps on the show. She also went toe to toe with chef stew Daisy Kelliher a lot. However, the chef was definitely a nice change of pace from Adam.

After her stint on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Natasha has kept busy with her own cooking show, Cooking with The Classy Chef, airing on Flow TV. Natasha also keeps busy working on her band via social media.

Season 3 chef Marcos Spaziani

There’s no question that chef Marcos has been the fan favorite in the sailing franchise. Marcos not only killed it in the galley with his exquisite food, his bromance with Colin and Gary King made him even more adored. They even called themselves the giggle crew.

Not that Marcos didn’t bring drama. Marcos and stew Gabriela Barragan clashed a lot, having several heated moments on the show.

Marcos has been killing it since he appeared on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, opening two restaurants in Los Angeles where many Below Deck reunions took place. The chef recently shocked fans with news of their closing as he begins a new venture.

Ileisha is the current chef on the show, and her story’s still playing out. What we do know is that she was deeply offended by Colin’s favoritism of chef Marcos and we gotta say she’s not wrong.

There you have it, folks a look at all the Below Deck Sailing Yacht chefs in order of the season. If we were to rank them, though, from best to worst, it would go Marcos, Natasha, and Adam so far.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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