Your Ultimate Guide to Sailing in Italy

Bordered by the Adriatic Sea to the east, the Ionian Sea to the south and the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west, Italy, one of the most visited countries in the world, attracts boaters from far and wide. In this article, find our tips and recommendations to plan your week of sailing around the Italian boot, from the Amalfi coast to Sicily, through the Aeolian Islands.

Pierre-Marie, a nautical expert at GlobeSailor, has prepared this article to share his tips and advice for a successful cruise in Italy! 

The Navigation Area 

The best time to sail the Italian coast is from May to October. During the summer, from June to August, the weather is hot and sunny, and rain is very rare. Unfortunately, storms can’t be discounted. The prevailing winds in this region, the Mistral (northwest wind) and the Sirocco (southeast wind from Africa) can reach high speeds. We recommend that you check the weather before sailing! As part of your GlobeSailor booking advantages, you can check conditions and avail of services to assist you with navigation! If you want to relax and not worry about the navigation, you can call on the services of a local skipper who knows the navigation area well, do not hesitate to contact your GlobeSailor advisor for advice.   

For the departure of your yacht charter in Italy, several departure marinas are available, ask your advisor for advice on the most suitable departure base for your trip according to your stopovers! 

Highlights of your Sailing Holiday

The Italian boot and the small islands surrounding it are full of diverse landscapes and one thing is certain: in a single week of sailing, you will not be able to see everything… You will have to come back, but don’t worry, we never tire of the beauty of this country (and the beauty of the Italians too…).   

Sail to Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, located south of the Italian metropolis. It is an island of incredible landscapes; majestic mountains, active volcanoes, crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches. It is also an island rich in history. The most popular ports for your stopovers are Palermo and Trapani. We recommend that you book in advance, especially in the summer when demand is high.   

Visit the historic city of Palermo, Sicily’s capital and discover Teatro Massimo, famous for its opera performances. Discover the Cathedral of Palermo and its royal tombs. If you fancy one of the best breakfasts in the country, we recommend Hotel Rocco Forte Villa Igiea (tried, tested and approved by more than one of our expert advisors!).

If you decide to embark on a 2-week yacht charter, take a detour to the southeast of the island (more difficult to access as part of a one-week cruise), to sail the Ionian Sea and admire Mount Etna, one of Europe’s largest active volcanoes. The city of Syracuse, its incredible ancient ruins and archaeological park are also worth a visit! 

We highly recommend sailing the Aeolian Islands, an archipelago of 7 volcanic islands located north of Sicily, in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Cruise Lipari island, the main attraction of the archipelago, and stroll the narrow streets of Old Lipari. Take a trip to Castello, a walled town with a castle, located on a cliff next to the sea. Take time to discover the beautiful black sand beach of Vulcano and its ‘City of Monsters’, composed of frozen lava statues. Finally, climb to the top of the Fossa (about a 1-hour hike) and admire the breathtaking views. Stop on the island of Salina and eat at the restaurant ‘Da Alfredo’ or at the 4-star hotel in Signum (recommendations from Sergio, owner and local partner). Visit the island of Stromboli and discover extraordinary landscapes.  

Discover the beauty of the Aeolian Islands by catamaran!

The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful sailing area for boaters seeking an escape. The cultural, natural and culinary riches will undoubtedly delight all members of your crew. Cruise the two main islands north of this coast: Procida and Ischia. With its thermal springs and impressive Castella Aragonese fortress, Ischia is a must-see stop during your sailing holiday. You can anchor in the bay of Sorgeta, where water temperatures are warm all year round, thanks to the nearby thermal springs.  

How can you talk about sailing in Italy without mentioning the most famous island in the country: Capri! The island is loved by celebrities and artists and its upscale hotels. Enjoy sipping a spritz on the main square of the island: Piazza Umberto I, better known as the Piazzeta, which simply means ‘small square’. What makes this square so charming? An exceptional panorama of Mount Solaro can be seen from the bar terraces. A wide choice of shops and restaurants will be at your disposal to taste traditional Neapolitan culinary specialties and local wines. The natural hospitality and friendliness of the capriotes (inhabitants of the island) will charm you and you won’t want to leave! Create unforgettable memories on a sailing holiday in Capri!

Accessibility of the Destination 

There are several options for getting to your yacht charter in Sicily, by travelling to the nearby Palermo airport (2 hour 30 minute flight from Paris) or Catania airport. From these airports, you can reach the bases of Capo d’Orlando and Portorosa, which are the two main departure bases for sailing the Aeolian Islands. You can also rent a car (we advise early booking for lower prices and to avoid disappointment) or book a private transfer with your GlobeSailor advisor. You can also reach Sicily by taking the 10-hour ferry connecting Naples to Palermo. You can bring your car on board too! 

If you want to sail on the Bay of Naples side, the nearest airport is in the city of Naples itself. The islands of Procida and Ischia are easily accessible from this airport , thanks to the shuttles that make regular trips every day. Anecdote: the shuttles to reach these two islands are equipped with foils!   

From Naples Airport, you can easily reach several departure bases such as the Salerno base, a little further south along the Amalfi Coast, just 45 minutes away by public transport.   

Good to know: Naples Airport is less than 30 minutes’ drive from all our boat rental bases in the area.  

In general, Pierre-Marie advises you to choose small local markets to eat, as they are generally more accessible and affordable than convenience supermarkets. 

It is difficult to list all the assets and useful information for navigating Italy, but we hope that this article has been useful to you. Do not hesitate to contact GlobeSailor’s expert advisors, including Pierre-Marie, who know the area very well and all the tips and tricks! 

Buon viaggio! 

About Pierre-Marie

Originally from northern Brittany, Pierre-Marie spent the first years of his life in New Caledonia. He grew up in Saint-Malo where he began sailing at the age of 9. Passionate about travel, he discovered cruising through two crossings of the Mediterranean. A catamaran crossing of the Atlantic that took several months and a season in the Antilles. Pierre-Marie joined the GlobeSailor crew at the end of 2021 after two years spent accompanying customers for a construction site for high-end catamarans. 

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