Advice for Sailing Turkey’s Turquoise Coast 

Are you looking to move away from conventional sailing destinations to try something different? Look no further than a yacht charter in Turkey with GlobeSailor! From the Mediterranean to the Aegean coast and the Marmara Sea to the Black Sea, Turkeys turquoise shoreline offers beautiful bays, soft-sandy beaches, ancient cities and culinary delights.  A long sailing season, hidden beaches and coves, ancient ruins and natural beauty are but a few of what a yacht charter in Turkey has to offer! 

Turkey’s sailing season is from April to October, extending beyond that of its European counterparts, including popular sailing destinations like Greece, Spain and Croatia. This long season provides suitable sailing conditions for all levels of sailors. The season spans the school holidays too, perfect for families seeking a unique holiday experience!

Turkey enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, with many hours of sunshine (sometimes 10 hours a day!) and temperatures averaging around 30°C and water temperatures of 24-25°C. Make sure to pack suncream and a hat! 

We recommend a yacht charter in Turkey in April. It is ideal to enjoy the tranquility before the tourist season truly kicks off. You will be able to walk around in a chilled atmosphere and benefit from attractive rates for yacht rental or your cabin cruise

The beautiful landscape of Turunc, Marmaris


Marmaris is located along the Mediterranean coast in the Muğla province. It boasts a long summer season and is the perfect place to begin your yacht charter on the coasts of the Aegean sea. Its vast and marvellous landscapes and the friendly nature of its local people will charm you. The city has activities to suit all ages, from exploring the underwater world to touring historical sites like Marmaris Castle. Marmaris is also the ideal destination to discover neighbouring attractions such as the Dalyan mud springs, Turtle Beach and the Lycian rock tombs! 

The rock tombs of the Lycian cliffs


Fethiye is one of the most visited places in the southwest Turkish province of Mugla. It lies on the west shore of the Lycian coast, which provides excellent sailing conditions. A yacht charter in Fethiye is a gateway to the Aegean sea’s islands! It can be described as a true archeological gem, situated across from the ruins of Telmessos and the island of Rhodes. The rock tombs of the Lycian cliffs are a must-see! Adventurers and lovers of the natural world will both find paradise in Butterfly Valley. Surrounded by towering cliffs that soar to heights of 350 meters, the valley can only be reached by sea, contributing to its allure and sense of exclusivity. 

The gateway to the 12 islands of Dodecanese


Sail from Göcek, situated northwest of the Gulf of Fethiye, it provides more than just a magnificent natural harbour! Lapped by lush mountains, the port of Göcek is the gateway to the 12 islands of Dodecanese, beautiful destinations to discover. The area remains preserved from mass tourism, a brilliant destination to begin your Turkish yacht charter! This stylish harbour town is breathtaking to see from the ground and even more amazing to explore aboard a traditional gulet. This area is perfect for anyone who enjoys both history and the outdoors! 

Bodrum marina and castle at sunset


Bodrum, on the borders of Greece and Turkey, is a historically significant city. It was founded by the Greeks and is now one of Turkey’s top sailing destinations. It has been nicknamed the Turkish “Saint Trop” and the population increases massively during the summer months. Prism-shaped homes with white walls and blue doors and windows characterise the city’s unique architecture. It also stands out for having a distinctive scenery and bright, azure beaches. Hikers can also enjoy views of the stunning bays that the island has to offer!

Boat Rental

If you are looking for a getaway with your family or friends, then boat rental could be just the thing for you! With GlobeSailor, you can charter yachts of a variety of shapes and sizes, bareboat or with crew.

Discover some of the most secluded and scenic places on a yacht charter in Turkey. Whether you are looking to sail aboard a catamaran, sailboat, motorboat, gulet or yacht, a boat rental in Turkey will not disappoint.

Bareboat sailors can explore secluded coastlines and hidden coves while relaxing in the luxury of your own boat. If you would like to go bareboat, but have not yet retained a sailing license, perhaps partake in GlobeSailor’s sailing course in the Meditteranean.

For a more relaxing experience, charter a boat with crew; a skipper and a hostess. You will be able to enjoy your Turkish sailing experience in the safety of professionals who will handle all navigation, maneuvers, onboard safety, menus and meals.

Cabin Cruise

A cabin cruise is suitable for those who would like to share their Turkish sailing experience with others. You can book a cabin (and a bathroom) on a boat that is shared with other like-minded passengers.

It is very popular among couples, but also suits small families and groups of friends. For those who want to relax and not worry about navigation, a Turkish cabin cruise is for you! The experienced captain will take care of all your needs and a hostess/cook will take care of menus, meals and ensuring you have a comfortable stay.

If this sounds like the sailing holiday for you, why not explore Turkey on an authentic gulet cruise?

Make sure to pack swimsuits and towels, you do not want to miss out on a chance to swim in Turkey’s turquoise waters! Insect repellent is another essential for a yacht charter in Turkey. A mosquito ruining your holiday is the last thing you want to happen.  It is also important to protect yourself from the sun, particularly if you are not accustomed to sailing in hot weather. Bring suncream, lip balm and a hat!

We recommend that you carry cash for tips, mooring fees, custom fees and your personal spending. Please be aware that Turkey’s currency is the Turkish lira.

A waterproof camera is a great way to capture all your Turkish sailing memories to last a lifetime!

Chartering a yacht in Turkey is a unique way to explore the beautiful country. It is the ideal location for a sailing holiday with magnificent coastlines, ancient ruins, picturesque towns and cities and turquoise waters. Whether you choose a boat rental or a cabin cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to explore some of the most incredible Turkish destinations and take in the beautiful scenery of the Turkish coast.

For an unforgettable sailing holiday, look no further than Turkey!

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