Air Products to supply hydrogen to America’s Cup sailing competition | Lehigh Valley Regional News

Air Products & Chemicals, the world’s largest producer of hydrogen, will supply fuel for the 2024 America’s Cup race in Spain.

America’s Cup is a sailing competition that dates back to 1851, but each wind-driven yacht is supported by a “chase boat.” Those boats will be powered not by fossil fuels but by hydrogen supplied by Air Products at the 37th competition, which will be held off Barcelona.

Air Products’ goal is to help the world move toward a clean-energy economy, while making money for its investors. America’s Cup provides an opportunity to show global viewers how the use of hydrogen can lead to a reduction in carbon emissions. Carbon dioxide emissions are linked to climate change.

“Through this competition, viewers around the world will be able to see, for the first time, hydrogen-powered foiling chase boats used in a competitive and challenging environment,” Ivo Bols, Air Products’ president for Europe and Africa, said in a statement.

A “foiling” boat rides on hydrofoils that lift the hull of the boat out of the water, reducing drag.

Preliminary races for the 2024 America’s Cup start Sept. 14. The U.S. has dominated the race, but Emirates Team New Zealand is the current defending champion.

The racing craft are known as AC75s, foiling single-hull yachts that can sail four times as fast as the wind, according to the America’s Cub website.

Air Products has installed a mobile hydrogen fueling station at the Port of Barcelona.

The Upper Macungie Township-based company had 2022 revenue of $12.7 billion and employs more than 21,000 people around the world.

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