Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Spark in the new age of digital currency

Altcoins have emerged as rampant digital currencies in the decentralized ecosphere. Retail and individual investors have always been on the lookout for such projects. They have played a pivotal role in developing the digital currency ecosystem. 

Other altcoins, such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Spark, have gained massive traction and have already showcased their imminent development. Bitcoin Spark is the most promising future-generation decentralized network. The network has already managed to amass many institutional and venture capitalists. This article will delve into the distinct features of Bitcoin Spark. 

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is a virtual currency developed in 2017 after the split of Bitcoin resulted in two forks. Bitcoin Cash was generated to develop fast transactions, thus reducing transaction costs for decentralized participants. The platform uses the same validation mechanism as Bitcoin, proof-of-work in conducting transactions and operations. 

The digital ecosphere has changed the development of blockchain technology with a new, improved speed being a Bitcoin Fork. Bitcoin Cash is also split into two, that is, Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV. In 2021, Bitcoin Cash transformed its name to Ecash. 

Bitcoin Cash price prediction

With a total supply of 19 million and a maximum supply of 21 million, Bitcoin Cash has created traction in distributed ledger technology. The digital platform has surged amid the ongoing and considered longest virtual currency winter. The digital platform believes in developing amid the imminent bull run that might happen during the next Bitcoin halving in 2024.

Bitcoin Spark is the new age of digital currencies

In the digital currency realm, awaited projects will take the ecosystem to new levels. The decentralized niche, therefore, presents Bitcoin Spark, an imminent blockchain platform that seeks to enhance transparency, security, and interoperability. The digital platform aims to increase user adoption into the cryptocurrency niche. 

Three comprehensive audit organizations have audited the platform: Contract Wolf, Cognitos, and Vital Block. The digital network also has a comprehensive roadmap entailing vital details or information. Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)

Blockchain participants have always yearned for projects with better solutions to Bitcoin Network limitations. Despite being the first introduced digital network, Bitcoin still needs to improve, including low transaction speed, lack of smart contracts, scalability, and interoperability problems. 

Moreover, Bitcoin’s mining ecosystem is led by large firms such as Antpool and Foundry USA, which have accumulated 50% of the mining activities. This has generated a lot of security tension as the two crypto-mining organizations can edit the blockchain. 

Therefore, The distributed ledger presents Bitcoin Spark, a distributed ledger platform with solutions for Bitcoin’s shortcomings. The decentralized platform has smart contracting layers compatible with EVM languages such as Vyper, facilitating the creation of decentralized applications. 

The network will increase the number of validator nodes and reduce the time to generate a single block to improve the transaction speed. The platform will also facilitate mining activities using an electrical device that can access internet speeds of up to 50 MBPS. Mining is facilitated with proof-of-process that aids in harnessing processing power acquired from validator nodes. 

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