Burghfield Sailing Club champions on the Essex coast

And Matt Mee and Chris Martin finished runners-up to make it a truly memorable day for Burghfield Sailing Club.

Widely recognised as the pinnacle of the UK’s domestic racing scene, this is an invitation-only event.

Thirty teams selected from the UK’s top racing classes took to the strongly tidal waters of the River Crouch in RS200 class dinghies to do battle for the title ‘Champion of Champions’.

Emerging from the debris of a windy day’s racing on the Saturday that saw several capsizes,  Craig and Lewis held a narrow five-point lead overnight from Mee and Martin, both duos being multiple national and world champions.

In four races, the two teams were never separated by more than two places.
Sunday morning presented a flat calm across the waters of the Crouch and with four further races scheduled, the race organisers were forced to abandon racing, meaning the overnight positions stood as the final result.
Craig and Lewis were crowned the champions, with Mee and Martin runners-up.

Speaking after the event to the Yachts & Yachting magazine, both teams commended the standard
of racing at Burghfield, Craig saying, “There’s a lot of quality sailors at that club,” and they were pleased to put the club on the map.


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