Christopher Cross & Benny Sings Want To Introduce “Sailing” To A New Generation

Earlier this year, Dutch DJ Benny Sings shared his tenth studio album Young Hearts. Today, he unveiled his rendition of Christopher Cross’ 1979 yacht-rock hit “Sailing,” which was spotlighted in our The Number Ones back in 2020. The cover comes alongside Cross’ previously unheard demo of the original as the b-side — both are being released by Seeker Music, the company that acquired Cross’ catalog in February and is seeking to introduce it to a new generation.

“Christopher Cross’ debut album Christopher Cross has always been on high rotation at my place,” Sings said about the cover. “This brand of music is rare. To hear a man sing like this and come so close to what I feel pop music should be, has always inspired my own journey as an artist. Having this opportunity to rework not just one of his songs, but the ultimate classic ‘Sailing,’ is very exciting.”

Listen to the cover and the previously unreleased demo below.

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