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With our atypical cruises we’re able to offer our more adventurous travelers a unique sailing experience. Whether you are looking for nature, sport, novelty or the extraordinary, let GlobeSailor take you on a cruise like no other. Embark on an original expedition off the beaten track. From Croatia to the Maldives via the Bahamas, the Galapagos, Indonesia or even Africa or Alaska, GlobeSailor can provide the cruise of your dreams. Are you ready for an extraordinary adventure?

If you have a passion for sailing and discovery, or you love adventure and sport, GlobeSailor invites you aboard its atypical cruises…

If you’re looking for adventure the Far North

Visit Norway for a cruise on top of the world

Cruising aboard the Coastal Express from Bergen to the North Cape in Norway is an extraordinary experience that will allow you to discover the magnificent Norwegian coastal landscapes.

From €1,155/person, more information here.

Take part in an extraordinary expedition to the Fjords of Spitsbergen

During your cruise, you sail along the coast of Spitsbergen, admiring the snowy landscapes and the impressive glacial formations. You will also have the opportunity to take walks on shore, where you can explore the wild nature of the island. May is the ideal month for this cruise.

From €3,800/person, more information here.

Go on an expedition to Alaska

Aboard an aluminum schooner, you embark on a 10-day polar sailing cruise to crisscross the Inside Passage of Alaska, in the heart of pristine landscapes. You sail in the middle of the snow-capped peaks, discover the fishing villages and the forest of Tongass and you can relax in the hot springs of Warm Spring Bay.

From €2,930/person, more information here.

Is it your dream to sail on an exceptional ship?

Cruise the Caribbean Sea aboard the luxurious Ponant

Take a seat aboard the mythical and luxurious Ponant for a cruise in the Caribbean Sea. You will crisscross the islands of Martinique, the Grenadines and Saint Lucia for a trip in complete privacy, in a heavenly setting.

From €5,620/person, more information here.

If you like sport and sailing

Embark on a Transatlantic sailing boat

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sailor, improve your skills during this incredible 20-day transatlantic crossing. You will take on your role as a crew member and participate with navigation, watch keeping, and various tasks required onboard. Departing from France, the Canary Islands or Martinique, GlobeSailor invites you to embark on a high-performance sailing boat with a professional skipper, for an unforgettable sailing experience.

From €2,820/person, more information here.

Become a crew member on a racing boat

GlobeSailor invites you to board a Volvo 60 to live a unique experience on a racing sailboat. Sporty and efficient, this boat is perfect for any experienced sailor looking for thrills and surpassing oneself. On board, you put yourself in the shoes of a great navigator by taking part in a race like the Rolex Fastnet, the Drheam Cup or the Tour de Belle-Île.

From €915/person, more information here.

Explore the Croatian islands by boat and bike

This cruise takes you on a discovery of the cultural and historical wealth of the Croatian islands. Aboard a 30-meter mini cruiser, you csail the Croatian coast and stop each day to enjoy a bike ride inland.

From €750/person, more information here.

Surf the waves in the Maldives

During your cruise aboard the yacht Horizon II, you sail between the idyllic islands of the Huvadhoo atoll and surf the most beautiful waves of the Maldives. Between two sessions, you can indulge in diving or discover the paradisiacal islands that surround you.

Price available on request, more information here.

Are you fascinated by animals and nature?

Sailing on a cruise ship is an ideal opportunity to live close to nature and discover marine fauna and flora. GlobeSailor has selected four exceptional cruises for your, each in close connection with nature.

• Discover the seabed of the Bahamas and the sharks of Tiger beach

Grand Bahama in the Bahamas is a diver’s paradise. This exotic destination offers an incredible diversity of dive sites. Tiger Beach is particularly famous for its shark encounters. This site is considered one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world due to the clarity of the water and the presence of these majestic sea creatures.

From €3,145/person, more information here.

Swim with giant Galapagos tortoises

Sail on the Pacific Ocean among the most beautiful islands of the Galapagos aboard a spacious and comfortable motor catamaran and treat yourself to an encounter with the giant tortoises of the archipelago. For eight days, you dive into the heart of a wild and preserved natural land, populated by protected species such as turtles, sea lions or birds.

From €4,349/person, more information here.

Live a safari cruise experience in Southern Africa

Our Southern Africa cruise takes you from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls on a nine-day safari cruise. During this trip you alternate between safaris in the Savanna and cruises on the Zambezi for a unique and exotic wilderness experience.

From €4,509/person, more information here.

Looking to immerse yourself in a different culture?

Travel the world by boat to discover different cultures and immerse yourself in local ways of life.

Senegal: sail on the Senegal River aboard a mythical boat

You leave for a navigation on the Senegal River aboard a mythical boat, the Bou El Mogdad. This exciting cruise immerses you in the heart of Senegalese culture and history. Along the water, your guide will show you the traditional villages, the culinary specialties or the city of Saint-Louis, listed by UNESCO.

From €672/person, more information here.

Panama: Explore the San Blas Islands archipelago

Take a seat aboard Nikita, a 14-meter catamaran, to explore the San Blas archipelago by boat. You embark on an exotic cruise to discover Native American culture and enjoy an all-inclusive trip, ideal for savoring your vacation.

From €1,968/person, more information here.

Indonesia: Discover Bali and its volcanic islands, aboard a traditional schooner

Fly to Bali and discover the Indonesian islands aboard a traditional 42-meter long schooner. This cultural cruise takes you off the coast of the archipelago for an unforgettable journey in the footsteps of the legendary Komodo dragons.

Price available on request, more information here.

Oman: Explore the Musandam Peninsula and Immerse yourself in the Culture of the Sultanate of Oman

Embark on an original cruise full of surprises in the heart of the Musandam Peninsula and discover the culture of the Sultanate of Oman aboard a luxury yacht. Nicknamed the little Arabian Norway, this peninsula opens the doors to fjords, creeks and typical villages.

From €1,332/person, more information here.

Madagascar: Cruise to the Malagasy Islands

Come and discover Madagascar and its islands aboard the Sea Spirit, a spacious and comfortable catamaran. For six days, you travel through the Radama or Mitsio archipelagos in the middle of small islands with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Relaxation, nautical activities, diving, visits to Malagasy villages are on the program for this idyllic holiday week.

From €568/person, more information here.

GlobeSailor – Specialist in boat rental and cruises all over the world. We offer a wide range of atypical cruises for all lovers of the sea, travel and unique experiences. If you would like to know more, talk to our expert advisers!

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