Follow Our Journey! Alpha & Tango 2 – Day 3



Written by Megan B., Provisions Manager

Today was Alpha & Tango fleet’s second day at Cooper Island, and our third day of program! Campers began the day with a pancake breakfast, to fuel up for a day full of adventure, while listening to Staff Boat’s silly morning announcements over our radio channel. Our Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue, and Fun Divers were then shuttled to shore for a dive day!

The rest of us were ashore by 9:00 AM following a true Caribbean squall for some shore time, where there were opportunities to purchase ice cream, explore the shops, hangout on the beach, or try out some watersports – tubing or wakeboarding! Many campers got to try ocean wakeboarding for the first time, and even were able to stand up!




A little after 11:00 AM, we headed back to boats to prepare for lunch, which was pizza bagels, a classic Sail Caribbean lunchtime meal!

After lunch, we had several different boats hosting various activities for campers to choose to participate in. Malia hosted friendship bracelet making and watercolor painting, Maora hosted a dive/cannonball competition, and Tropical D hosted a quiet reading time. There was also more tubing and some waterskiing, which the campers caught on to unbelievably quick too, going on! Some campers got to do their dinghy certifications, where they learn to drive the dinghies with one of their mates. Also, there was lots of free time to swim and hangout on the lily pads! Everyone had such an awesome afternoon.



After a day packed with so many fun events, students were excited to shower and prep for dinner, Mediterranean Quinoa Bowls, and have a QNOB (Quiet night on board). As Provisions Manager, getting to see the campers learn how to prepare and cook food for their entire boat and staff is so rewarding, almost as much as seeing them enjoy the meal!

Today was an action-packed day, and we are all so excited for tomorrow!







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