Follow Our Journey! Alpha & Tango 2 – Day 4



Written by Joey V., Mate

On the morning of July 14th the crew aboard Malia woke to the smell of stacked pancakes and sizzling bacon. After wolfing down breakfast and completing PDCs (pre departure checks) our skipper of the day, Alex, lead the crew in de-mooring from Cooper Island. Once Malia entered the Sir Francis Drake channel, the crew raised sails and ventured to Benure Bay with guidance from our navigator, Tyler.




While underway the group learned about points of sail and competed to see who could spot the most flying fish. Upon arriving and mooring at Benure Bay, the crew embarked on a rotation of watersports, snorkeling, and sailing in the Colgate 26. While refueling with sandwiches back on the boat, a surprise announcement came over the VHF- Dinghy Dares! Each boat on fleet was challenged with special tasks to complete and deliver to staff boat via dinghy. These tasks included: creating the most delicious snack for staff boat in under 5 minutes, designing the most creative costume for your captain, seeing who could wear the most life jackets, and performing an original boat rap.





Each boat was also entrusted with a single egg to decorate and protect at all costs. Despite numerous water gun and pool noodle sieges, Malia retired the day with not a single crack in their (hard boiled – shhh) egg. A feast of pasta and meat sauce was held in celebration of a successful day and the crew debriefed all of the lessons they learned. To close out the night, Malia hosted the crew of FLX and Tropical D-Tour onboard for an acoustic guitar concert performed by Joey under the stars.


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