Follow Our Journey! Alpha & Tango – Day 5



Written by Val P., Mate

We woke up bright and early at 7am in The Bight! It was a nice and breezy morning as Cece and Max started to prepare breakfast. For breakfast we had breakfast bagels with eggs and bacon. James and Max created a wonderful cooking concoction of cinnamon toast with frosted flakes. They said it was “the best thing they have ever ate”.





By 8am we started to clean up breakfast and the people scuba diving began to gather their things to head over to the dive boat. By 8:30 the divers were on shore and ready to dive. After that the rest if the crew sailed to the Indians. After the sort sail we snorkeled at the Indians. We used fish ID cards afterwards to detect the fish we saw.


At noon we started lunch prep and devoured macaroni and cheese. Unfortunately, we had to sail back to the bight as it started storming. Despite the rain we kept up the good vibes and listened to music while we deep cleaned the boat. FLX definitely has One Direction infection! We listened to thats what makes you beautiful on repeat while cleaning. We also learned how to tie some knots. May and Cece did an awesome job with the bowline knot.



Later we continued our journey to the village. Before reaching the Village we did a docking lesson. At 4:45 we started boat showers and dinner prep. At 5:45 we had dinner of rice, chicken, and veggies. During dinner we reflected on the amazing day. At 6:45 we cleaner up dinner and got ready for the soda social. Everyone was so excited to hang out with friends on the other boats! When we got back to FLX we played mafia and went to bed 🙂




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