Follow Our Journey: Bravo 2, Charlie 2, Foxtrot 2 & Sierra 2- Day 2

Written by Zoe F., Social media coordinator/mate

As campers woke up for their first full day of camp, feelings of anxious excitement filled the air. They made breakfast and then gathered outside the office, where Mike L.,  founder of Sail Caribbean, welcomed everyone. After a review of the expectations and opportunities available over the next three weeks, boats took turns visiting the SC Dive Shop, where students had the chance to buy things like fun inflatable tubes and waterproof watches. Each camper also got a blue SC 2023 crew t-shirt from the office and then headed back to their boat. Staff led their boat through prior to first, where they introduced campers to the different parts of their boats. We then used dock hoses to fill up our water tanks and filled up on gas. After a de-docking briefing, we all headed out to sea for our first sail! Underway, the staff went over raising and lowering the main sail and jib and how to pick up a mooring ball. We moored at Cooper Island and made deli sandwiches for lunch. Those working on open water and advanced open water certifications went to shore. Advanced open-water students headed out on the dive boat while open-water divers reviewed skills on shore. Meanwhile, campers getting their ASA sailing certifications went out on our Colgate 26s. Other students had the option to chill on their boats, swim, and do watersports such as tubing and wakeboarding. At 4:30 pm, all students were back on their boats, where they learned how we take ocean showers here at Sail Caribbean. Those on the duty roster for dinner preparation began cooking. For dinner, we had burritos with a plethora of different toppings! After cleaning up, we had a boat meeting, where we reflected on our first day of camp, how we are feeling, and if olives or pickles are superior. After enjoying some cookies and chatting with our peers, we powered down at 9 pm for a good night of rest.



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