Follow Our Journey: Bravo, Charlie, Foxtrot & Sierra- Day 7

Written by Janaye D., Marine Biology/Mate

Good morning Savannah Bay! The kids got to sleep in a bit with an 8 am pancake and bacon breakfast. Then divers got picked up, and watersports began on our hotdog tube and wakeboard. Sierra program kids dissected squid on our boat named Jelliblu. Our marine biology coordinator Natalie pointed out different anatomical parts of the squid and even showed us how to use the squid ink to write on a piece of notebook paper! Super cool stuff!



After the dissection, some chose to read on the bow, swim, chill in the shade and enjoy an apple or two, while Jordan from Blue Buddha and Sara from Sonspeak joined Natalie, Zoe, and me for a snorkel around Savannah Bay’s reefs. We saw a variety of colored fish, fire coral, and comb jellies! Divers were dropped back off for lunchtime, and we hung out in the water and on our boats until a new boat arrived for the Samoa campers.


We then sailed for about an hour and a half and picked up mooring balls at Leverick Bay for the night instead of sailing all the way to Anegada. Boat showers and fajita dinner were next on our schedule, followed by hanging out on each other’s neighboring boats for playdates. Blue Buddha chilled on our boat and watched a movie. We powered down for a quiet night on board around 9:30 pm as we planned to drop the ball early the next day for a long sail to Anegada.






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