Follow Our Journey: Delta 1s, Day 19

Written by Lilly S., Mate/Social Media Coordinator

Yay for finishing our last overnight sail and making it back to the British Virgin Islands! Our two boats have made it safely back to our home base and we couldn’t be happier. The overnight sail went swimmingly, and crews were able to hone in on their night shift, chart-plotting, and boat handling skills. We left from Saba Island around noon on July 12, and made it to the Sir Francis Drake Channel around 5 AM on July 13. Both boats, S/Y Nosy Be and S/Y Polygala dropped sails after consistent downwind sailing throughout the night, and dropped anchor at Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda to check into customs before heading to the Baths! Baths day is always a spectacular time on our programs.

The Baths are a beach and rock area on Virgin Gorda, as well as a national park. We did our ‘hikel’ tradition of a snorkel + hike through the rocks and caves, and got to enjoy the sea life as well during the snorkel half of the excursion. The campers also learned about how the Baths formed, and the volcanic formation of the rocks thousands of years ago.

After our time at the Baths, we made our way to Scrub Island, which is a shore-time favorite here at Sail Caribbean. We docked the boats, debriefed our journey, handled some boat chores and deep cleans, and got to enjoy fresh water land showers and the shops here at Scrub Island Marina. The kids also got to see their friends later in the evening on Mega fleet at Marche’s, where we went to dinner. The kids were able to swim in the pool and enjoy carefree fun time before we head to Hodges later today, July 14, to pack up and say final goodbyes.

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