Follow Our Journey! Earlies – Day 10



Written by Cat C., Captain

This morning the fleet had a chance to sleep in until wake up at 7:30. We awoke to the beautiful blue and turquoise waters off Anegada’s west end.

We all enjoyed breakfast buffet style with bagels, fruit, pancakes, and cereal while watching sea turtles that briefly joined us for a morning swim.



Afterward, boats were quick to get off the mooring balls so that we could make the long sail back to the main islands. Today our destination was Scrub Island Marina, about three hours south of Anegada.

The sail went smoothly on only one tack, and we passed through the Scrub Island channel to arrive at Scrub Island Resort & Marina. After some beautiful dockings, lunch and deep clean began.




Boats were spotless after inspection by our Program Directors and we raced onto shore, with opportunities to go to the grocery store, dive shop, pool, and water trampoline. After wrapping up afternoon activities, land showers, and dinner prep began and we prepared fajitas!

Finally, to wrap up a memorable day, Natalie, our marine biology coordinator, gave a sunset lesson on sharks.


As it got dark, we called it a night to rest and re-energize for our sail to Little Harbour, Peter Island. Another successful day on the books for our Early program!












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