Follow Our Journey! Earlies – Day 12



Written by Lindy K., Mate


Today we awoke in the lovely little harbor, had a tasty breakfast buffet and got ready for the big day ahead. We sent our recently certified open water divers off for a last dive at the Rhone wreck (a famous shipwreck).


A few passionate sailors departed for Long Bay on the Colgate to finish their ASA certification. The rest of us then up-anchored and had a peaceful sail to Long Bay. We ate plenty of snacks, trying to clear out our cupboards, and finished up our favorite games.


We had an upwind sail, practicing our tacking and proper sail trim. Upon arriving at Long Bay, we dropped our anchors, had a nice lunch pizza bagels and Mac and cheese, and headed ashore!


Our afternoon at Long Bay was a proper beach day – we swam, played spikeball, and hung out on the beach. Some sailed around in hobiecats (a smaller catamaran), and some went out on the RIB for tubing and wakeboarding, a highlight of the trip for Lukas.




And best of all, we enjoyed ice cream from the ice cream truck! Back at our boats, we jumped in for one last ocean shower and began our final dinner prep. Vesper cooked up a feast with buttered pasta, delicious chicken, green salad and pineapple. We ended the night with a fun boat meeting, then a quiet night on board and starting to get sentimental about the end!






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