Follow Our Journey! Earlies – Day 13



Written by Nora E., Social Media Coordinator

Today was the last day of the program and per tradition, captains and mates woke up around 5:30 to start sailing to the Baths. The Baths is a national park here in the BVI and it’s rocky structure resides on Virgin Gorda Island. Here, we like to do what we call a “hikel”- a word that combines ‘snorkel’ and ‘hike.’





After eating a hearty breakfast, we started our snorkel around the mystical boulders. Some students say they saw sting rays while others say they saw fish they have never seen before! Afterwards, we hiked through and around the large rocks and learned cool facts about them from our Marine Biology Coordinator, Natalie.



Next was our sail back to Hodges Creek Marina- the place where it all started. After docking all eight boats, the kids got to deep cleaning and packing while staff prepared dinner. Having all boats on the same dock made hanging out with other people on other boats so easy and fun!

After our scrumptious dinner of ribs, mac & cheese, and steamed veggies, each boat performed a skit. There were skits about selling ideas to Shark Tank, game shows, and even some impersonations of staff! It was really a blast to see all of the kids and how they bonded together to make such a funny and wholesome skit.




To end the night, we played a slideshow of pictures from the last few weeks. It was so heartwarming to see the students enjoying the pictures, laughing, and cheering on their fellow crew mates. We truly had a great time the past two weeks and it is clear to see that the students learned, had fun, and made lots of memories!

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