Follow Our Journey! Earlies – Day 8



Written by Lilly S., Social Media Staff/Mate

Good evening from the Sail Caribbean Earlies fleet! Today was a fantastic day full of sail raising, tacking, gybing, BLTs, and some fun on the beach. This morning we left Savannah Bay on Virgin Gorda and ended up at the Bitter End Yacht Club on the North Sound (also on Virgin Gorda). Before we set sail, our mates participated in a ‘mate swap’, where different mates were assigned to different boats for the day! I was assigned to Sonsbeek, so I had to say a quick ‘see ya later’ to my kiddos on FLX before heading to my new boat. I was stoked to see what it was like to sail another boat and get to meet the other campers.



On the sail over to the Bitter End, we did some excellent practice working on our tacking and gybing skills. The kids were engaged and excited! Those who were assigned to lunch preparation prepped a BLT buffet while the rest of us caught a mooring ball for the night. After a nice mooring ball debrief (we do tons and tons of debriefs here at SC), the campers jumped into the water for a quick swim. There is absolutely nothing more refreshing than an ocean dip on a hot day like today.

At Bitter End, our students enjoyed a lovely afternoon of beach time, sailing hobies, enjoying a bit of shopping, and tubing. Wiped out from our exciting time at Bitter End, we headed back to our boats on dinghies.



Tonight the campers will have playdates with other boats, prep chicken teriyaki for dinner, and enjoy some well-needed downtime!





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