Follow Our Journey! Lates – Day 11



As the sun rose over the Anegada mooring field, our campers made ready quick to eat breakfast and drop the ball as we had a long sail ahead of us. The sail from Anegada to Leverick Bay on the North Sound was pretty windy and wavy yet everyone did a great job getting their sails up!

The North Sound is the northern part of Virgin Gorda Island and has many different bays including Bitter End which is famous for the Yacht Club.

Once everyone picked up a mooring ball at Leverick, we made a quick lunch and got ready for Dinghy Dares! This is a game in which the staff boat gives each boat a task to complete and they have to race back to the staff boat once the task is completed. For instance, some of the tasks is to dress up your counselor, write a poem, and fit as many life jackets on one person as possible.




After Dinghy Dares, the campers got to go to shore where there are a few stores and a grocery store. One of the stores is called Pusser’s that is famous all over the BVI for its sailing attire and merchandise.

After a long day of sailing and competing, the campers made ready for bed in preparation for race day the next day!



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