Football: Smooth sailing in the passing lane for Ponies | Sports

WOODBURY — Just two games into the season, the Stillwater football team has already displayed some resilience following a Week 1 setback as the Ponies defeated Woodbury 28-25 in a Metro East Sub-District contest on Thursday, Sept. 7 at Woodbury High School.

The Ponies (1-0 ME, 1-1) ended a five-game losing streak against the Royals (0-1, 1-1) in the first meeting between these teams since 2020.

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kAm(@ — xD2:29 %:D5=6 b CF? Wr@33\qFE=6C <:4<X ai`_]k^Am

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kAm$E — %2??6C $49>:5E ab A2DD 7C@> z:?D6J W(:?E6CD <:4<X ci“]k^Am

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kAmuF>3=6D^=@DE b^` a^_k^Am

kAm!6?2=E:6D^J2C5D e^dd c^a_k^Am

kAm!F?ED^2G8] e^bd]b f^bf]ek^Am

kAmx?5:G:5F2= DE2E:DE:4Dk^Am

kAm#FD9:?8 — $Ei qC6EE w:=56 a\e[ t>:=:@ #@D2C:@ |2E:2D h\d[ }:4< z:?D6J b\`[ $2>F6= *@F?8 `\W\`X 2?5 E62> `\_j (@i xD2:29 %:D5=6 “\bf[ v6@C86 q;6==@D `b\be[ {:2> vC@>>6=E `\a 2?5 ~E:D v2C5:?6C `\`]k^Am

kAm!2DD:?8 W4@>\2EE\J5D\E5\:?EX — $Ei }:4< z:?D6J ag\cg\bdf\c\`j (@i v6@C86 q;6==@D `d\b`\aeg\`\a]k^Am

kAm#646:G:?8 — $Ei y@6 w@96:D6= `a\`ce[ %2??6C $49>:5E d\hb[ tA9C2> {2?K c\db[ t>:=:@ #@D2C:@ |2E:2D a\ag[ qC6EE w:=56 a\ad 2?5 $2>F6= *@F?8 b\`aj (@i r92C=:6 y24@3D@? c\“c[ “F6?E:? r@33\qFE=6C c\gf[ xD2:29 %:D5=6 c\bc 2?5 {:2> uC@>>6=E b\bb]k^Am

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kAm!F?E C6EFC?D — $Ei #:=6J #F?< b\af 2?5 %2??6C $49>:5E `\_j (@i ?@?6]k^Am

kAmx?E6C46AE:@?D — $Ei $@6= #:D6C `\cg 2?5 w6?CJ +@==2C `\_j (@i “F6?E:? r@33\qFE=6C `\_]k^Am

kAmuF>3=6 C64@G6C:6D — $Ei ?@?6j (@i r@=6 $:>>6CD `\_]k^Am

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kAm|@F?5D ‘:6H ` _ a _k^Am

kAm$E:==H2E6C ` _ ` `k^Am

kAmu@C6DE {2<6 ` _ ` `k^Am

kAmt2DE #:586 _ ` ` `k^Am

kAm(@@53FCJ _ ` ` `k^Am

kAm(9:E6 q62C {2<6 _ ` _ ak^Am

kAm(66< a C6DF=EDk^Am

kAm$E:==H2E6C ag[ (@@53FCJ adk^Am

kAmu@C6DE {2<6 bd[ t2DE #:586 ahk^Am

kAm|@F?5D ‘:6H `e[ (9:E6 q62C {2<6 ek^Am

kAm(66< b D4965F=6k^Am

kAmt2DE #:586 2E $E:==H2E6Ck^Am

kAm|@F?5D ‘:6H 2E u@C6DE {2<6k^Am

kAm(9:E6 q62C {2<6 2E (@@53FCJk^Am

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