Isle of Wight sailing season for Gurnard underway with fierce racing

The first meet was initially cancelled due to limited wind conditions, but the recent Force 2-3 south-westerly powered the competition.

However, misty conditions confined the action to Gurnard Bay.

The club’s racing secretary confessed to ‘start of season gremlins’, with the race box needing two attempts to get underway, due to misread courses and equipment failure.

Martin Scott ruled the Cat fleet, finishing about 30 minutes ahead of his nearest rival.

In contrast, Mark Harrison clinched the Slow Handicap class by default, amid rivals missing their course, and Feva sailors, Max and George Newman, retiring due to a shroud issue.

Jack Harrison bagged the Tera fleet victory, while Brett Aarons, manoeuvring his RS100, grabbed the Fast Handicap class against the RS 500s.

The latter Fast Handicap team offered ferocious competition, with less than 30 seconds dividing them and runners-up, Luke and Will Bradley.

Jim Downer, competing in his Finn, secured Medium Handicap success.

The event showcased the thrilling uncertainty and unpredictability of the new sailing season, say race organisers.

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