Lahiri steals the show, wins all three races

It was girl power all the way with Lahiri Komaravelly of Udbhav School Rasoolpura representing Hyderabad district winning all three races sailed in the Sub Juniors at the Telangana State Sailing Championships at Hussain Sagar Hyderabad

The Girls and Boys are all sailing a single fleet giving them the opportunity to sail a larger more competitive fleet.

Lahiri is closely followed by her sister Deekshita who finished a close second followed by top seed Bunny Bongur of Vikarabad who seemed a bit out of form but still tops the boys.

Vinodh Dundoo and Sathwik Dhoki were the dark horses who surprised all by finishing 2 and 3 amongst the boys.

The very light winds helped Lahiri who is just 31 kgs while her sister is at 45 kgs giving her a significant disadvantage in the under 16 championships.

The Juniors will sail tomorrow as will the light fleet using half rig sails specially designed for the lightest sailors Final points tally at the end of 3 races


1. Lahiri Komaravelly 3 points; 2. Deekshita Komaravelly 10 points; 3. Bindu Rathlavath 27 points.


1 Bunny Bongur 12 points; 2 Vinodh Dundoo 14 points; 3 Sathwik Dhoki 24 points.

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