Late Alpha, Charlie, Foxtrot, Sierra: Day 12 – Long Bay

Written by Sam Lundquist, Mate

Hurray for Long Bay Day!

This morning started at Little Harbour and while most students were packing up and heading out for morning dives or Colgate sails, others got to enjoy one last snorkel or swim in Little Harbour.

The crew then picked up anchor and set sail for Long Bay, where we dropped our anchor one last time. We quickly made our lunch and got to enjoy it before heading ashore for our Olympic activities! From dizzy fender, to sand art, synchronized swimming and tug of war, the boats competed against each other to claim the tittle as “Best of the Fleet.”

After all the energy, our students enjoyed a seaside BBQ to fill their tummy’s and enjoy one of our last few meals together sailing the beautiful BVI. Students were able to make their own burritos beachside as the sun set.

During sunset, we headed back to the boats for our showers and evening boat meetings. Eyes quickly fell shut from a long day at Long Bay and sailing the Caribbean.


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