Pink denied entry into Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club after leaving ID behind despite having a booking

US superstar Pink wasn’t allowed to wine and dine at Sydney sailing club because she didn’t bring her photo ID, leaving Aussies in a disgruntled state at the singer’s embarrassment.

The 44-year-old was spotted visiting the Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club on Monday evening with a group of about eight people but was denied entry at the door, the Manly Observer reported.

With her unmistakable looks and more than 10 million followers on Instagram, the Club failed to recognise her and wave their rules for the famous celeb.

Manly Market Manager Mark Eymes was walking along the East Esplanade when he spotted Pink who stuck out like a sore thumb because of her quirky outfit and American accent.

When he caught up to the star while he too was waiting in line at the harbourside venue, he heard the awkward interaction.

“I overheard her saying that she had a booking, but when they asked her to provide her ID, she said she didn’t have any on her,” he told the Manly Observer.

“They said she couldn’t come in without it, even though she explained that she’d already secured her booking with a deposit.”

Camera IconPennsylvania native Pink is in Australia for her Summer Carnival tour. Credit: BANG – Entertainment News

Mr Eymes told the publication he tried to help Pink, whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore, by telling staff the star was at the entrance and about to be refused entry.

“Next thing, I saw Pink and her group walking away. They just turfed her out,” Mr Eymes said.

The Registered Clubs Act 1976 requires visitors of Clubs to provide an ID proving their address to gain temporary membership.

According to Mr Eymes, the singer did not cause a stink and draw her celebrity status card but rather left without any trouble.

It’s understood the group instead went to nearby Four Pines.

“Not once did she throw her weight around. She was really pleasant despite being a little upset that she couldn’t come in. It was just such a shame and I felt a little embarrassed that a solution couldn’t be found,” he said.

Manly Skiff Club secretary manager Matt Hazell said in a statement that the Club “deeply regrets any inconvenience caused to Pink, her family and friends during her recent visit to the Club”.

“We sincerely apologise for the misunderstanding surrounding the ID requirement and will be using the incident to improve our processes in the future,” he said.

Following the incident, many Aussies took to social media to voice their disappointment at the treatment of the famous singer.

“Sydney is a joke,” one person said on X, while another posted “What a bunch of losers we have become.”

“Welcome to the nanny state, Pinky!” another began, before elaborating, “but seriously….she’s 44 years old. It’s beyond ridiculous that she was required to prove her age. What a disaster Sydney’s night life is these days.”

Another person said: “What kind of s…hole have we become where adults need to show ID to be allowed into to purchase dinner.”

The megastar is in Australia with her family—husband Carey Hart and their two kids Willow, 12, and James, 7—for her Summer Carnival stadium tour.

She will next head off to Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium this weekend.

Then she will jet to the Gold Coast, Melbourne’s Marvel Stadium, Adelaide Oval in Adelaide, and finish up at Optus Stadium in Perth on March 1 and 2 before heading to New Zealand.

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