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Getting a package delivered in Indiana, Minnesota or Wisconsin? The odds are good that porch pirates won’t be nabbing it.

These three Midwest states ranked among the 10-safest for package deliveries, according to a new study from Ubuy Singapore ranking the states in which package deliveries are least likely to get stolen.

Ubuy Singapore based its results on the percentage of stolen packages in each state. The study also includes secondary metrics such as the number of stolen package-related searches on Google and the average value of packages that are nabbed.

According to the study, 15.40% of packages delivered in Indiana in 2023 were stolen. The average price of a stolen package here came in at $43. That placed the Hoosier state as the 10th-safest for package deliveries last year, according to Ubuy Singapore.

Compare that to Maine, the state that Ubuy Singapore ranked as the safest for parcel deliveries. In 2023, just 11.6% of parcels delivered to this state were stolen. The average value of a stolen package, though, did come in at $80, higher than anywhere else on the list of 10 safest destination states.

Wisconsin ranked as the second-safest state on Ubuy Singapore’s list, seeing just 13.2% of delivered packages stolen in 2023 with an average stolen package value of $50.

Minnesota, with a theft rate of 14.8%, ranked 9th on the list of the safest states for parcels last year. The average value of a stolen package here came in at $45.

Other states on Ubuy Singapore’s 2023 safe list are Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, New Mexico, South Dakota, Idaho and North Carolina.

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