The Golden Rules of Boat Hire – The GlobeSailor

Last step before the big departure: your luggage!

Remember that space on board is limited. Even if you are boarding a large boat, remember to pack soft, easily foldable travel bags. A backpack will also be useful for your excursions ashore.

Don’t forget your valid passport or identity card and airline tickets. 

As for boat hire, you will need to have with you the rental contract, the boat licence or skipper’s pleasure craft licence and paper nautical charts/coastal guide or the navigation applications described above (Navionics, Windy, Navily).

Remember to bring sheets, towels and tea towels if they are not included in your rental contract or contact the base in advance to request them (optional).

Every skipper and sailor must bring basic equipment: weather watch jacket or windbreaker, gloves, cap, boat shoes, sunglasses, headlamp, storm lighter, small waterproof bag, waterproof smartphone pouch…

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